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SOON is your everyday bucket list
- the best way to keep track of all the things you want to do

Categories you
care about

That movie everyone talks about, a new restaurant you want to try, books, tv series, stores… And we keep adding new categories all the time.

Clean, simple
& beautiful

SOON arranges these things in beautiful lists, lets you add new items with a single tap and saves the things you’ve already done for next time.

All the content
you need

For every item you add, SOON gives you the content you need to take the next step: posters. pictures, plots, previews, contacts and much more.

Inspired by
friends & trends

Out of ideas? SOON shows what your friends are up to and what's trending in the community so you always have access to the latest inspiration.

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  • "I personally found SOON to be the perfect sort of single-purpose utility that I could see myself using on a regular basis."
    "SOON will cure your FoMo (fear of missing out) by keeping track of all the movies, places, books etc. that people talk about right now."
    "This list app with a twist means you’ll never lack things to do. SOON lets you curate films, books and places you’ve been meaning to watch, read or visit."
    "SOON is a ”notepad killer” that helps you organize your want-to-dos. It takes the concept of bucket listing down to an everyday level."
    "The app to keep track of all the cool things you plan on doing, has launched a city-list functionality, enabling people to plan trips through the app."
    "Introducing Soon, a free app that organizes items in your ever-growing culture queue. Your future Friday nights will thank you."
    "As with seemingly everything since the introduction of the iPhone, however, there’s an app for the bucket list. It’s called Soon, and it’s wonderful."
    "Soon is the ultimate bucket list app: it will help you jot down recommendations for anything from movies and books to stores, cafes and restaurants."

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